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Danil Kutkevich Back-end developer

Location Saint PetersburgSt. Petersburg, Russia

About me

Work experience

10.20162018 Armor5Games

Bing Han Garden

Game mobile app

I have developed the backend. For example, RESTful API, TCP server for real-time communication (not yet released), as well as acceptance of payments via Apple Store and Google Play

Rise of Pirates

Game mobile app

I was developing the backend. For example, acceptance of payments via Apple Store. The application have operating easily on the 120 RPS load (50,000 of new users per week)

06.2013—08.2016 Waveaccess


Electronic health record

I was developing the backend and frontend.

This app stands out for its size: more than 50 models



I have developed the back end. For example, acceptance of payments via Paypal, as well as WebRTC-videoconference


Electronic marketplace for MRI MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)

I was developing the backend and frontend.

The hardest thing was — is to organize the Lisp application without the usual framework)


Open source data storage for the medical data medical data (FHIR — Fast healthcare interoperability resources) based on PostgreSQL and V8

Developed the performance testing which triggered by Travis CI on AWS EC2 after Git tag was created

04.2012—06.2013 Molinos


Supplier of chemicals

I have developed the backend. For example, full-text search in product catalog, as well as the system of automatic application restart in cases of fatal error or a server reboot


Ongoing contest, where the prize is a free of charge carrying out of plastic surgery

Developed a collaborative blog

09.2010—04.2012 Avers


Freelancing platform

Search a address by KLADR KLADR (Russian qualifier addresses) and formation of PDF-form tax declaration

03.2008—09.2010 John studio


SKA Ice Hockey Club

The most interesting — it is the file attachments using Paperclip gem

11.2004—03.2008 Darout Service


Hotel booking

I have rewritten frontend from ColdFusion to JavaServer Faces

06.2003—11.2004 Investment Company Lenmontazhstroy


Corporate site

My first project